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Outdoor Accent Wall Lighting: An Answer to Any Occasion


Outdoor accent wall lighting can give any home a boost in curbside appeal while adding functionality to spaces. Traditional light sources have their place, but one choice stands head and shoulders above the competition. LED lighting is surprisingly versatile and offers benefits that might surprise you, not the least of which includes an increase in home security. Understanding exactly what LEDs are and why they’re the fastest growing choice for outdoor accent wall lighting could lead to a finished outdoor project that would be best described as most satisfactory.


Light-Emitting Diodes

LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are sources of light powered by a simple two-lead setup. They are available in a wide range of brightness levels, called lumens. LEDs are extremely efficient sources of light that take very little energy to operate and they create very little if any noticeable heat. They can operate at an extremely wide range of temperatures which makes them excellent for use in Canada, and LEDs come in a range of colours ideal for any situation.


Practical Use

For use as outdoor accent wall lighting, LEDs are perfect. The finest products installed by a professional crew, like those with Ablaze Lighting in the GTA, offer versatility that other lighting options can’t come close to matching. Sure, there are a few colour options available for incandescent bulbs, but going around the exterior of your home and replacing all the bulbs with coloured bulbs for various holidays and occasions is exhausting work. The most sought-after LED lighting systems can be controlled via an intuitive app that allows users to change the colours with ease. Imagine setting up your lights for Christmas one week, your favourite sports team colours the next, and your favourite cause the next. In addition to changing colours, the lights can be set up to blink, move, or remain static. Your options are vast when LED accent wall lighting is chosen.



Well-lit home and business exteriors are an excellent means of preventing crime. Crime prevention strategies suggest that homes with accent lighting are often less likely to be targeted by criminals. This occurs for two reasons. First, a home that looks like it is being taken care of inadvertently gives an air of prideful ownership. This feeling tells criminals that the property is cared for and that actions will be taken against those who trespass. The second is that outdoor lighting of any kind reduces the areas in which a criminal could potentially hide. This lack of hiding spaces makes a well-lit house a less inviting opportunity.


Outdoor accent wall lighting can be a cost-effective way to improve the looks of your home, with the added bonus of increasing security. The convenience and versatility offered to those who opt for LED lighting systems outweigh any perceived benefits offered through competing light sources. If it’s time to give your home a little love in the lighting department, take advantage of the best LED lighting systems on the market today, installed by a team of true industry professionals.